The Original Ultima Portable AC

Get Relief From the Pounding Summer Heat with Ultima Portable AC

"It's like Walking into a Perfectly Air Conditioned Room!"

Every AC unit has these amazing benefits & features:

  • Stay Cool & Comfortable Wherever You Go!

  • Portable AC that Cools and Humidifies.

  • Reduce Sweating & Discomfort Indoors & Outdoors

  • Completely Portable & Simple to Use

  • Operate Cord-Free

  • 3 Fan Speeds plus Easily Adjust Direction of Airflow

  • Powerful USB Rechargeable 200mAh Battery
    (charging cord included with order)

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Ultima Portable AC

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What is the Shipping  / Estimated Delivery Time for My Order?

From the day we receive your order it takes around 5-6 days for portable AC to reach you (this includes 2-3 days order processing time and 3 days shipping time). Once your order is processed we'll email you a tracking number immediately.

When I Order Ultima Portable AC, what does my Order Include?

Your order includes the following: a genuine Ultima Portable AC unit (with rechargeable battery pre-installed), USB-C charging cord, water curtain (pre-installed), and detailed instruction manual.

Does the Portable AC blow out mist or just cool air?

On highest fan speed the Ultima Portable AC blows out a stream of mist which feels amazing!  On lower settings the unit produces cool humidified air.  Adjust the settings to your comfort level and enjoy!

Does the AC unit use USB or electric outlet for charging?  Are Batteries Included?

The Ultima Portable AC works with USB charger (USB-C charging cord is provided with your purchase).  Plus the Ultima Portable AC comes installed with a powerful rechargable 200mAh battery.  It takes 2-3 hours for the unit to fully charge.  Once fully charged Ultima Portable AC can run for around 5 hours, cord-free. To run continuously beyond 5 hours, just plug in your portable AC unit with USB charging cord provided.

What is the Dimension and Weight of the Ultima Portable AC?

The dimension are: 6.8in x 6in x 6.8in (17.3cm x 15.2cm x 17.3cm).  Weight is 2.1 pounds (around 1 Kg). Don't let the small size fool you. Ultima Portable AC is very powerful!

What is the best ways to use the Ultima Portable AC to get the most out of it?

Keep the unit close to where you or your family is sitting on a tabletop, desk, end table, side table, kitchen table, etc.  Adjust the airflow and fan speed for maximum comfort.  Works great on a nightstand in the bedroom while you're sleeping.  Add in water with crushed ice in the unit to produce extra cold air.

What happens if the Ultima Portable AC is running and it runs out of water?

The unit will automatically shut down.  Just add more water, turn back on, and enjoy!  Check water regularly to avoid this scenario.

About Us

compressultima team

Ultima Portable AC

Jenkintown, PA

I love summers, but just can't handle the heat and humidity. After my mother almost passed out once from the heat in the house I know there had to be a better way. Growing up we couldn't afford to get a central AC system in our home. And even if you have one who likes paying sky high energy bills?

 So made it my mission to create an affordable & portable solution to the pounding heat and humidity! With the help of my AMAZING team the Ultima Portable AC was born.

I never thought I would start a company around selling Portable ACs, but here I am. :) I just absolutely love hearing stories from our loyal customers on how Ultima Portable ACs have improved their quality of life!!